On 21st and 22nd February 2023 started the new KA2 Erasmus+ project “Hu Volution” (project number: 2022-1-DE01-KA220-HED-000088443). The HU-VOLUTION project is a perfect opportunity to promote the European higher education system to bring added value to society. Through the New European Bauhaus initiative, the consortium will be able to follow new paths, preparing future professionals to design more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive spaces where society lives, while promoting lifelong learning of green skills through the use of digital educational approaches. 

The main objective of HU-VOLUTION is to bring European universities up to date for a reskilling designer of the habitat sector with the necessary competences to initiate a successful transition for the New European Bauhaus (NEB) and the Society 5.0, towards a more sustainable, aesthetic, and inclusive places where to live. 

To achieve it, the specific objectives of the project are the following: 

  • Awareness European society and HE system about the necessity of a human-centric approach on habitat design to address current world challenges expressed in the NEB. 
  • Define the necessary competencies and skills for designers towards more sustainable, aesthetic and inclusive places, aligned with the NEB initiative for the Society5.0; and gather it in a Joint Curriculum tailored for HE organisations. 
  • Launch a pioneer training resource, free and open to any HE organization and their past/current/future students, on the three key aspects to achieve the principles of the NEB and Society 5.0: life-centric perspective, functionality and sustainability. 
  • Give support to European universities to adapt their current training offer to up/reskill their students for the future habitat design, through lifelong learning courses based on the developed materials. 
  • Break borderlines among industry and HE system, creating common methods and skills that will allow to increase the quality of both the HE offer and the industry performance, and to build capacity to work transnationally and across sectors. 

Because of that, the consortium is composed of universities, institutions and training center with a strong expertise in the field of education and training which are:    

  • Innovation in Learning Institute (Germany),    
  • CEIPES (Italy)   
  • University of Murcia (Spain)  
  • CETEM (Spain)  
  • Innovawood (Belgium)  

For the first meeting face to face with stakeholder (German and Italian) of the project, all the partners met in Karlsruhe, hosted by KIT (Germany).  

During the meeting, the partners together with the stakeholders analysed the first results of two questionnaires. In fact, the collected data was presented and subsequently the most popular topics were identified by the students in order to develop the first foundations of the Hu Volution project. In addition, the partners are currently conducting a research phase on the national situation on the knowledge of Society 5.0 topics.  

The partners will soon put together the collected data and work together to develop the nest contents of the project. 

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